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We help companies transform their businesses through organizational design.

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Companies worldwide are turning to People & Performance Solutions to provide their expert guidance in organizational design and transition. With our results-based program, we take into account all aspects of organizational design and transition. Our comprehensive approach makes certain that your organization is successfully aligned with your business needs and that your people are prepared for the transition, so that you can achieve your desired business objectives faster and more efficiently.

Through our Organizational Design and Transition Services we offer the following capabilities to enable you to maximize the power of your organization.

A Proven Organizational Design Process
Our organization design methodology provides support in formulating a design strategy and developing a comprehensive organization design implementation plan. Developing a solution that is aligned with your strategy or change in process or technology is pertinent to ensure that your people understand changes in reporting relationships, their role and responsibility, how their performance will be measured and how they will be expected to interact internally and externally.

By implementing all of the components of People & Performance Solutions Organizational Design Method you can be confident that your people, information and processes are aligned with your strategic undertakings.

A Comprehensive Organization Design
The knowledgeable consultants at People & Performance Solutions are helping organizations comprehensively analyze and design a solution that takes into account organization structure, as well as roles and responsibilities, performance measures, work group dynamics and communication mechanisms the essential pieces that are often overlooked.

We also provide a proven tool kit that contains all of the templates that steps your people through the entire process and accurately documents the solution to make sure that your organization is prepared for the change.

An All-inclusive Transition Plan
With our methodical organization transition road map, your organization will achieve operational efficiencies faster so that you sustain your competitive advantage. People & Performance Solutions will customize a comprehensive roadmap that will be comprised of all the critical elements for transitioning your people to the new design. And to ensure a smooth transition, the roadmap will include a detailed budgeting, risk and stakeholder management plans.

A Customized Organization Design
Not all business drivers are the same, nor do they require a standard organization design process. Whether your change may require one component or all five components of People & Performance Solutions Organization Design Method, we work with you to analyze your situation to determine the components that are needed for you to successful design a new structure, as well as transition you people to the new environment.

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