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Making Training and Education Part of Organization Transition and Design

It is vitall that any business transformation education and training program is based on the outputs from the organization transition and organization design.  This article discusses how to develop a successful training and education strategy that leverages the organization transition and the organization design programs.

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Integrating Organization Transition with Organization Design

People & Performance Solution developed an organization transition process that takes the input from a completed organization design.  This article reviews how the steps are accomplished to achieve a successful organization transition process and the rationale and tools involved in each step or group of steps.

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Disaster Management: Preparing for Ongoing Productivity

This article, written by Dennis Dawson and Tim Rice, was featured in the July issue of Workforce Performance Solutions.

Organizational Resiliency through Organization Design

Organizations that are taking control of their destiny are those in which leadership demands a proactive view of reality that includes being well versed in what it takes to be a resilient organization.  Organizational resiliency translates into an organization having the capacity and capability to make required changes in a timely manner.  One of the critical enablers of organizational resiliency is organization design.  Read on to learn about the components that comprise a comprehensive organization design and how each contributes to enabling an organization to be resilient. 

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Overcoming Employees Resistance to Change

Every year millions of dollars are spent by corporations to increase profits through the implementation of new processes, updated systems, and acquisition of companies.  And every year corporations are readjusting their profit outlook due to lackluster results.  Why is there such a gap between speculated profits and actual profits?  It is being discovered that a large portion of this disparity is due to employees’ resistance to change. 


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